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Alpine Getaway (Maiensäss)

When the overbooking of a chalet in the snowy mountains leads to differences among the guests, the landlady’s much-needed five-star rating isn’t the only thing at risk. This short film shot by Sebastian Klinger is the second part of a small Swiss trilogy about the meaning of home. Its predecessor „Pünt“ told the story of a community of allotment gardeners struggling against a real estate investor. Filled with rich colors, „Pünt“ is a dark comedy with an interesting ending twist. Contrary to this „Maiensäss“ is draped in dramatic black-and-white while maintaining a strong comedic mood with an equally interesting ending twist. This trilogy of short films will be concluded in 2021 with the tragicomedy „Paxmal“ („The Station In-Between“) starring Carlos Leal.
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